Sleepy Brown goes Gainsbourg

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Sleepy Brown

Sleepy Brown is one of the few recognizable faces from Organized Noise, the production team behind our fascination with Outkast. He's basically the bald dude in sunglasses in a fair share of the videos and sang on “Lookin' For Ya” and “The Way You Move”. It's been four years since his Mr. Brown LP, which featured the single “I Can't Wait,” but Brown returns in the sleepiest of fashions. Yesterday “You're My Lady” found life on the Internet.

The song is off Brown's upcoming Sex, Drugs & Soul record and it's a quiet hello. With only a guitar melody and spare percussion, “You're My Lady” is like waking up to someone and understanding for the first time that as they sleep next to you, something special is happening. As the Brown continues to croon the lady awakens and it's indeed special; she's foreign. The final minutes seem are searching for a Serge Gainsbourg appeal, but do not quite obtain the sexual heights that the letcherous Frenchman was able to conjure. Still, we commend Mr. Brown for a choice reference, even if it does not quite tickle our prurient interests like we'd hoped.

Sleepy Brown, “You're My Lady”