Slurp up the last dregs of CMJ

Jeremy Krinsley

While there were some questions as to the point, if not the quality at large of this year's 2009 CMJ music festival, there was no shortage of hip-shot, one-off, closet documentarian video footage that helps to remind any participant or observer from afar (for instance, those of us who didn't leave Brooklyn), that there was a lot going on. Without further adieu:

Real Estate, “Younger Than Yesterday”. By Elise Oh.

Suckers at Webster Hall Studio. By NOW Magazine.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: Air Waves. By Ray Concepcioñ.

Finale, at the Audible Treats CMJ showcase at Southpaw Brooklyn.

East Village Radio interviewed Cold Cave.

Das Racist by ATG TV.

Japandroids, crowdsurfin'. By Fumi Nagasaka.

The Clipse, “What Happened to That Boy?” at Hiro Ballroom. By Kellen Dengler.

Interview with YACHT at the Brooklyn Bowl by LAist.

The Almighty Defenders at the Topman/Jelly party. By Rosa.

Free Energy. By NOW Magazine.

Atlas Sound at Le Poisson Rouge. By 'Sup Magazine.

Pill Wonder, “Gone To The Market” by Chocolate Bobka.

Javelin, “Soda Popinski” performed at Pianos.

Wiz Khalifa, “Ink My Whole Body” at the FrankRadio CMJ Showcase, Southpaw.

The xx at the Tribeca Grand. By 'Sup Magazine.

Chromeo, “Night by Night” at Brooklyn Bowl.

Neon Indian, “Ephemeral Artery”at the Topman/Jelly party.

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