Son & Thief, Repair

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Son & Thief, the indie rock band from Athens, GA – made up of Shane Toriscelli and Deane Lawton – is releasing a new album on April 21st entitled Repair.
The twelve track album is full of introspective tunes with thoughtful lyrics. The first single off the album is “Repair” and it speaks to many of us as we navigate our way through life and relationships (“I repair it all by stressing out”). “Million Dollar Rocket” has an ethereal sound in the way the words are sung as the music climbs to a crescendo, much like a literal rocket into space.
Each song off of Repair has a dreamy sound, but each in its’ own way. Son & Thief have created music that will make you think as you enjoy the ride.

Repair Track List:
1. Close Your Eyes
2. You Will Always Know
3. Everyone’s A Stranger
4. Spaceman
5. Repair
6. I’ll Be Okay
7. Oscillation
8. Where Am I To Hide
9. Post World Heart Attack
10. Dreamy Afternoon
11. Million Dollar Rocket
12. I Wish For Nobody Else