Spencer Anthony, Words to Hide Behind

Post Author: Virginia Croft

“Every cover up compresses what I need to let out,” sings Spencer Anthony on “Monsters.” Part of his EP, Words to Hide Behind, Anthony delivers a dark, haunting tune, rooted in worry and fear. Compared to its following track, “Chase,” the former provides a palette of frustration and confusion. The latter is an acoustic breeze, allowing us to catch our breath and relish Anthony’s gooey vocals. Ending with “Happy Pill,” Anthony proves he can appreciate the lighter side of life, creating a joyous and carefree ballad.
Throughout Words to Hide Behind, it’s clear that the three tracks come from a place of experience and admiration for how tumultuous life can be, but also its beautiful moments. With his insightful lines and velvety riffs, it’s easy to forget that the Cincinnati based singer-songwriter is only 18.

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