Soviet Soviet, “1990”

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Upon my first listen to the Eastern bloc busting “1990” from Pesaro, Italy's Soviet Soviet; I became overwhelmed with fuzzy memories of a transitional era. Taken from their follow up to 2011's Summer, Jesus; the trio tackle the scabbed and torn wings of destiny on their upcoming album Fate from the future's friends over at Felte. Their foreboding world of tomorrow metastasizes in the angst of the atonal and unnerving minor chord chasms, that wallows through yesterdays dead pool exclusion zones of mutually asserted destruction.

Andrea Giometti's deadpan and bass beat whisks you through the Eastern sektors, fueled by the East Berlin punk night club whirr from Alessandro Costantini's guitars and the drum drive of Alessandro Ferri. The strange solace of uncertainty on “1990” took me back to the undisclosed locations of living in central Europe in the late 80s, holed up in a guarded Ambassador Arms on an American military base awaiting a stoic word of what would happen next amid cryptic platitudes and reasoning. The anxiousness between staying in hotels (on and off Armed Forces bases and clandestine strongholds), to the awkward assimilation into the suburbs perpetuated scores of ineffable internal struggles as the very lines between East and West distinctions of political mapping and territories were irrevocably changed; all of this too much to grasp for even then. Soviet Soviet's triumvirate union from Giometti and Costantini's chilling and frantic checkpoint dodger sends Ferri's rhythms to excavate the rubble that tells stories of old nations, out dated worlds, untold stories, and a peculiar degree of caution for today's tightly imbricated, globalized standoffs.

Soviet Soviet's album Fate will be available November 11 from Felte.