Speak, Mr. MFN eXquire & Goldie Glo are cold

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For those not in-the-know, Pen & Pixel was once the busiest rap album art company in the business. They were probably on retainer with No Limit and Cash Money Records in the 90s and with those labels' endorsements it led to hundreds of street level rap albums being made with the same hyperbolic glamour and art translated from literal interpretations of rap monikers and album titles. Hence, one of its greatest moments: Big Bear's Doin Thangs.

The Pen & Pixel legacy lives on in Tumblrs dedicated to tracking down hilarious album covers that were probably sold strictly from car trunks and folding tables set up along the Nola streets. The company's legacy was honored once again with Speak!, Mr. Muthafukin' eXquire and Goldie Glo's collaboration track “Igloo”, which takes eXquire's refrain of “Igloo, nigga” literally, as though the comma was never implied.

Produced by Pyramid Murdock, “Igloo” is creeping-in-the-dark music. For now this cut stands on its own, but here's hoping more collab tracks are in the works.