Spirit Club: slacker pop supergroup

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Two days ago Nathan Williams (Wavves) tweeted a mediafire download for his new project Spirit Club. The group is made up of Joel Williams, Nathan’s brother and Sweet Valley partner, and Andrew Caddick, also know as Jeans Wilder. This is the first collaboration Williams has had with Caddick since their time together along with Heavy Hawaii’s Matt Bahamas in Fantastic Magic.

We heard what the Williams brothers sound like with Sweet Valley, as well as Caddick with Fantastic Magic, but the combination of all three create an interesting dynamic that makes these songs so good. While Williams Caddick throws down his slacker pop vocals with lines like, “I’m freaking out,” his cohorts provide a dreamlike sentiment that makes the music much more dream pop than surf punk. The overall production of it, which I assume is coming from Joel, elevates the slacker pop above its lo-fi counterparts, where all the sounds of reverb guitars and drums mesh together tightly into a cloud of bliss. Spirit Club may be on of the most widely celebrated Nathan Williams collaborations to date.

This just leave the question of when the hell is that Wavves and Cloud Nothings collaboration going to come out. You can download their first two songs “Eye Dozer” and “Sling” by clicking the link here.