Spoek Mathambo's sick sounds from Soweto

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This song, “Mshini Wam” translates to “my machine”, in which the machine is a machine gun. It's a reference to “Umshini Wam”, an old apartheid freedom song that the current president of South Africa has been caught singing at rallies on more than one occasion.

Cue Spoek Mathambo, a slick rapper from Soweto with slim electro beats that'd make Major Lazer bust a synth nut. He's got an album out in September for which “Mshini Wam” is the title track. It takes those sixth sense sequences and throws in some sexy lady vocalists who throw in cat-call rap with choral harmonies like they do it in their sleep:

Spoek Mathambo, “Mshini Wam”

And a video for the Ibiza banger “Gwababa (Don’t Be Scared)”: