Stalley, Lincoln Way Nights

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Recorded in Columbus, OH, Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music) is an invitation to the biggest street side car show in the small town of Massillon.

Stalley spoke with Impose on the thought process behind crafting intelligent trunk music and the culture of Lincoln Way, which you can read in full tomorrow.

Lincoln Way is also a street
that in the summer time on Fridays and Saturday nights, people will pile up that
strip with their old school and new school muscle cars that have tricked out
fluorescent light sets and candy painted Cadillacs with big wheels, you can
find any time of car riding up and down showcasing. Everybody listens to loud
music and they might pull into a K-Mart parking lot or a gas station and open
up the trunks and doors to let people see the systems, the amps. It’s something
that brings out the city and people enjoy it whether they like cars or not.

You’ve got people who may be 21 years old and
somebody who’s 81 years old that has a muscle car. I think that’s a beautiful
thing too because it unites cultures, generations and different races. That
culture is big and I wanted to bring that out in the music. Also the Intelligent Trunk Music part is about
riding around, playing music loud, but I bring the intelligent part into it
where the music is done intelligently so it sounds like an orchestra or a

Download Lincoln Way Nights here.