Starfucker and Copy remix eachother

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You don't get much time to find what doesn't belong in your Highlights center spread before you're out of the waiting room and into the office, where the beat drops on every spinal crack, breaks your stiff inclinations and you leave the doctor bouncing along to every nod off this tightly sequenced remix.

Thank you disco for making this song possible, thank you Portland for being a safe place for white people to dance without shame, thank you Copy, for making this track, and thank you Starfucker for remixing it.

Copy, “Smell It” (Starfucker Remix)

Yes, we can smell it. And it smells just fine. In fact once that hook drops, it smells great. And to repay the favor, stream a Copy remix of Starfucker below. It's all kissin' cousins in the Pac-Northwest.