Stream: Columboid, Monster Vision

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The phasers are set to stun on the outset of Columboid's Monster Vision LP. The introductory composition of “Juicy Mode” is built upon the same auditory mind control devices used on Captain Kirk and Godzilla. The Brooklyn four piece can do significant damage with that sort of sonic power, which nary lets up in the duration of its sophomore full length on La Société Expéditionnaire.

Recorded at Kutch 1 in Brooklyn, Monster Vision is 40 minutes of prog instrumentation hellbent on turning the nuisances of Eastern psych, goth, and experimental into music for setting your pet monster free on an unsuspecting neighborhood. Much of Columboid's unyielding strength is derived in a sound not unlike early Battles stripped of their excessive toys for push-button manipulation. By the time “Juicy Mode” enters its phantom phase, Ryan Hamilton takes the podium to pelt out a battle cry to unleash the Kraken. Whether Columboid set out to create a monstrous record or grew to accept its direction over time is unknown, but it cannot be denied. This is the colossal sound of Leviathan's rising from the Eastern shores to takeover New York. Our only hope is that Columboid is in control and shows us mercy.

Preorders for Monster Vision can be made at La Société Expéditionnaire.