Stream: Excavations' Object Permanence

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Drone goes pop and spiritual on the latest release from Weird Forest. Excavations compiled its most inspired musings from its tape releases on Stunned Records and Avant Archive. But had we not just shared this information you would never guessed Object Permanence was not written as a cohesive body of work. From the threatening bliss explosion of “Sine” to the rockist roar of “The Jumble Book”, Excavations proves his moniker's worth. The record leaves few nooks unexplored. By letting the pop trickle into the fold, Excavations seek a balance between being the stand-off-ish dude of noise and a coffeehouse strummer with some woes to share. Both extremes can be intolerable, but when they are handled with care and an evened scale it perks the ear.

Excavations' Object Permanence is out now on Weird Forest.