Stream: Future Twins' Situation EP Deluxe Edition

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Future Twin

We could champion San Francisco's Future Twin for being community activists against the condo-ization of their beloved Mission District. We could champion Future Twin for being pro-graffiti, most specifically along the Clarion Alley block. We could sell you on their pre-band history of being an all-girl moped gang called The Lockits. You would love Future Twin for these bullet points of hippness and the dangers of guerilla art mixed with the everlong cool of revving engines.

All this exists and you may do with it what you will. Future Twin's Deluxe Edition, consisting of the Situation EP with the Resist 7″ tagged on the back end, is everything we love about jangly blistering messes, lo-fi hoedowns, and sonic homages to Fleetwood and Jefferson Airplane. We are never ones for backstory, but prefer the stories told within the record grooves. It's only there we find Jean Jeanie in a disaffected croon that's not been so callous since Grace Slick asked if we wanted somebody to love. By “Yuka” she holds it together until there's no choice but to go completely unhinged into a Janis-esque toughened slur of go-if-you-wanna-gos.

It giving us reason to consider how deeply modern music lacks frontwomen who can make us shudder a bit. Grace and Janis had a great deal to exercise when they sang; shaking off the booze, shaking off the sadness, shaking off heartbreak. Jean is out for catharsis on the Situation EP and her band is straining alongside her to vanquish all that bitter history.

We like Future Twin because as good as they are on the Situation EP and Resist 7″, their motto is “giving a shit is the new not giving a shit” and we could not agree more. It pleases us to know, it's not just the attitude around our little IMPOSE sewing circle, but there are bands out there who see a better future that demands we begin with ourselves. To know that at even better Future Twin is in the works makes the Deluxe Edition of where they began a foreword to a story-book future.

Future Twin's Deluxe Edition + Resist 7″ is out July 31 on Future Twin, Inc.