Stream: Naam, Vow

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Whether your take on psych-rock is heavily based in how much wah pedal a band uses or if it's about how much they're able to manipulate the time space continuum in order to transport their sound to the deep, distant past, you'd be in the right place in listening to Naam's latest, Vow. There is a mix of both otherworldly guitar manipulation and heavy, punctuating organ notes, but the place where Vow shines is in their ability to market on wall-to-wall drama that is rarely seen in the world of today's laptop musicians and bedroom pop. Naam, who are a quartet from Brooklyn, take much of their sound from the distant past, and in the droney, dense cloud of another era, we find relevance in a mixture of metal-inspired chugs and vocals that splay out under the influence of multi-leveled effects. With Vow, the listener is simultaneously of this world and in this date while feeling part of something larger and of the past. It's an album to close your eyes to, that's for sure.

You can stream the full album exclusively below and then pick up an LP/CD copy from Tee Pee Records on its June 4 street date at this link. Keep an eye out for July US tour dates to be posted soon.