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Your Old Droog EP

Coney Island's Your Old Droog continues to be a mystery, but on “Quiet Storm Interlude” he offers the simpliest of biographical information in “truth be told / some of these rhymes I spit in the booth be old / only because it took my whole life to write 'em / write 'em right” and somehow it meets the requirements. With no announcement or warning, Your Old Droog released an EP produced by EL RNTC with scratches by DJ Skizz.

Dr. Dre once mocked his former-NWA colleague Eazy-E by having a look-alike dance on the street with a “Will Rap For Food” sign in the “Dre Day” video. Your Old Droog made his album art on the same cardboard material used by the impoverished to beg for donations from samaritans—his art weighed down with a mound of pennies. Your Old Droog keeps it one hundred. If there was suspicion Your Old Droog might be the garden variety mixtape rapper based on “Nutty Bars”, his eponymous EP delves further into his songwriting repertoire with tracks like “Good TImes…” that reminisce about growing up rough and getting denied by shorties. Mostly though, Your Old Droog sticks to dissing the ever-loving hell out of anyone who questions his skill.

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