Street Eaters, “Paralyzed”

Mike Sosnick

Street Eaters in Budapest, photo by Tamas Bernath

“My legs are stiffening, I wonder why?” ask Street Eaters in the loud and brash “Paralyzed,” a new song from the Bay Area duo. “I follow your movements with my eyes.” The track is full of minimal anger;  conveying their rage with meaty guitars and clanging drums over two raucous minutes. The band, a/k/a Megan March and John No, match their self-described “truewave”—blending the anger of punk, the harshness of post punk, and the angularity of new wave—with equally tense lyrics. The band explain “Paralyzed” as “a split perspective look at digital alienation, the ridiculousness of mass voyeurism, and the violent nature of physical movement itself” — a topic that’s urgency is conveyed through overwhelming darkness and astoundingly full sonic space.

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Coming off a packed 2014 touring schedule of over 110 shows around the world, this piercing specter of a track is their first release since last year’s LP, Blood::Muscles::Bones. “Paralyzed” will appear alongside a diverse host of international acts on the Typical Girls compilation, a split between Emotional Response Records and Future Perfect Records (a sister label of Slumberland) due this fall. A stream of the song is below, as well as the duo’s upcoming tour dates.

Street Eaters tour dates:

16 Detroit, MI at Trumbullplex
17 Toronto, ON at The Cave
18 Ottawa, ON at Club Saw (Ottawa Explosion Fest)
19 Montreal, QU at Casa Del Popolo (Suoni Del Popolo Fest)
20 Cambridge, MASS at Cambridge YMCA (Smash It Dead Fest)
22 Brooklyn, NY at Silent Barn (6pm)
23 Philly, PA at Second Empire
24 New Brunswick, NJ at In The West (6:30pm)
25 Washington D.C. at Hot Tub House
26 Raleigh, NC at Prisma Video
27 Chattanooga, TN at Sluggo’s (Do Ya Hear We Fest)
28 Athens, GA at The Globe
29 Pensacola, FL at Sluggo’s

01 New Orleans, LA at Gasa Gasa (2pm)
02 Austin, TX at Hotel Vegas
03 San Antonio, TX at 1011
04 El Paso, TX at Sandbox
05 Tucson, AZ at Club Congress
06 Flagstaff, AZ at Fire Creek Cafe
07 Los Angeles, CA at Redwood Room
08 San Francisco, CA at Hemlock

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