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suff daddy

“Suff” is German slang for “drinking heavily.” Suff Daddy keeps it honest in the alcohol department, naming his latest record The Gin Diaries.

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It pleases me immensely every time a euro-beatsmith comes along and drops a record blatantly derivative to U.S. hip hop producers. I refuse to call this “post-Dilla” as I am militantly against the coining of such an abhorrent label. In checking out Suff Daddy bios, I learned he developed his current style after inspiring listens to the Quasimoto and Jaylib records, making him two parts Madlib and only one part Dilla for those keeping score.

Somebody else said it, but I'll concur this record has a certain Euro-cool beyond the Porsche parked in a wooded villa album artwork. If I may, this is rocks glass hip hop, not that brown bag of Wild Irish Rose hip hop. I attempted to listen to the record Suff-style – faded off a couple Tanqueray and tonics. I can't front, I look forward to my next chance to tie on a post-shift cocktail to soulful step of “5 O'Clock Suff” featuring vocalist Miles Bonny.

Listen to a stream of The Gin Diaries here. Purchase the record from Melting Pot Music.

Suff Daddy, “I Need A Break”

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