Sun Araw vs. Heat Wave “Got to Get Over” Mix

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Got to Get Over Mix 1

Sun Araw and Heat Wave release this mega two-parter of a mix, where Alex Gray remixes vinyl Araw spun live. It's the darkness of LA in a capsule, capturing that slow funky sick disco that looks so good in the region's finest bowling alleys and doughnut shops at four in the morning. Mutilated guitar and horn lines get passed through the treble, while soul men with matching sequinned outfits clap in an infinity mirror that one can only see by watching through the closed-circuit television set in the back seat of the convertible driven by that blonde, the one with the lipstick and the sunglasses. Put in on at your key party.

Not embeddable, but here's links to parts A and B on Sun Araw's site. You can download it from the second page.