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This is officially the crappiest May of our lives, right? The sun is being bashful, so it seems the only way to call this fool out is to resume embracing the songs of an endless summer that is our lives. Even though Swimsuit sings of the sunlight burning, with proper lotioning and aloe that temporary burn becomes a golden tan. Few things are sexier than tan lines, right?

Who would have thought it would be a Ypsilanti, MI band that would ring in spring with a few jangly jams. Swimsuit is not breaking the wheel, nor reinventing the mold (wait?), but the Midwest needs bands that will encourage the kids to enjoy the out of doors before it gets humid as shit. Up there, it's not so much the sunlight that burns, but the deceptive overcast days in which it seems as though the sun is hidden, but the UV rays sneak through to cook the epidermis.

Swimsuit is releasing its debut album on Speakertree Records, which is the label that debuted a little band from The Cleve called Cloud Nothings. This is Speakertree's second release.

Swimsuit's self-titled LP is out June 28.

Swimsuit, “Sunlight”

Swimsuit, “Mongoose”