Synead, "Tropicao"

Post Author: Andre G

The wave of West Indian influenced-pop and electronic music is perhaps at its zenith, with everyone from underground DJs to the biggest pop stars in the world culling from the Islands. It may seem sensible to call everyone who contributes to the burgeoning aesthetic at this point a waverider—but that’s not the case when it’s their wave.
Ask Synead, the New York-based singer/songwriter/activist with roots in Trinidad and Tobago, who recently dropped a breezy ode to her homeland with “Tropicao.” Over the blithe Cabo Blanco and Matt FX co-produced record, Synead plays host to the Islands with delicate vocals imploring the listener to “let your worries wash away” under the beaming sun.
Synead’s lyrics are focused on the glorious aspects of the Caribbean as a getaway, and she’s as good a host as anybody on the three minute R&B/pop/electro fusion. Her songwriting is packed with imagery that makes the tropical climate palpable– even in March from rainy New York.
You can stream “Tropicao” below.