tamper, “A New Fire”

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A New Fire

tamper–the electronic duo comprised of Aaron and John–is taking over Brooklyn with their sound. Yup. Just “Aaron and John.” Coming to us from both Northern Ireland and Australia, their sound has influence stemming from several cultures, and it is evident in the music they have released thus far.

Today, we are happy to bring you their newest single, titled “A New Fire”. The track is tranquil, leading in slowly into a very other-worldly sound that doesn’t utilize bass lines at all until about thirty seconds in. The vocals are gorgeous, triggered by lovesick lyrics. “My whole body is unsteady, but you seem to let me fall in anyway/I’ll be yours for a day.” “A New Fire” seems like legitimate catharsis for the distraught, infatuated human behind the vocals. This song exquisitely addresses love as casually as possible, while somehow simultaneously highlighting the emotional rollercoaster that individuals go through when bitten by the love bug. It’s simple, it’s intriguing, and we love its vibe.

If the three singles from tamper’s upcoming EP are any indication–“A New Fire”, “Bought And Sold”, or “Aurora”–then we have a lot to look forward to from Aaron and John.

Keep an eye out for upcoming release details on Bought And Sold.