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What I love most about my first SXSW experience is the friends I made in a week's time. Like Sam from Life's Blood, who came to the Imposition to mosh to Thee Oh Sees and give out Tan Dollar records.

Friendship is what's about, right? Tan Dollar's new record Your Body As A Temple was offered to me in cupped hands, as if to say, “hold my prized new baby with the utmost care.” Sam just loves helping out his friends. Well, in the spirit of new friends and great music, we're putting our stamp of approval on this record as well. YBAAT is dueling keyboards blaring pop bliss, while a propulsive drumkit accelerates the lucid drift to the unplumbed expanses. Each song obtains its maximum trajectory in beatitude. “Tan Dollar” pounds along with a metronomic piano stanza, building the tension until that stanza bursts into a rapid fire pulsation and the drums… oh, the drums. Chris Balingit is an absolute menace on the kit.

Tan Dollar just recorded a set for Davis' KDVS college radio program “Phoning It In.” Listen to the set here.

Your Body As A Temple is out now on Life's Blood.

Tan Dollar, “Tan Dollar”

Tan Dollar, “LC's Choice”