Taped Hiss's new Underwater Casinos

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Yeah, another “underwater”-referenced jam. This one's good.

“The Atmosphere Beast,” the stand out, ten minute plus track on Taped Hiss's latest is supple, delicate, like a house plant glistening in the morning sun in a northern city on a cold day – be nice with it, give it water, and let it do its thing, whether that means strapping headphones on and heading out or cuddling up to some muted youtube videos of simulated viruses or perhaps drunk-man-back-for-more-beer footage.

Or, in his own words, from his blog:

“A good amount of quiet, meditative underwater space museum type songs, a few chill beach vacation type paradise drones, and some zany calamity jams for good measure.”

First noted on Not Not Fun's blog, Underwater Casinos is Taped Hiss's second collection and he's actually offered both for download. Grab his first, Audio Ectoplasm here, and his latest here.