Teebs, “Why Like This”

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To all the hopeful blippy breakbeat producers out there that consider their production worthy of a release on Brainfeeder, we've got a suggestion as to how to make that happen. Get a job in L.A., lose that job and then become roommates with Flying Lotus and Samiyam. It worked for Teebs.

It's hard to believe that a visual artist could just happenstance become friends with the My Hollow Drum collective, learn about the L.A. electronic scene and a few years later release his debut on Flying Lotus' label, but that's exactly what happened for the 23-year old producer named Teebs.

“Why Like This” is the first single off Ardour. The roommate influence is present in Teebs' use of droning organs, but he breaks into his own by burrowing into a down tempo vibe and fleshing out his percussion with trashcan drums. Recordings for Ardour began while Teebs shared space with FlyLo and Samiyam, but with the passing of his father, he moved back home and ceased making music. After a period of reconciling, Teebs resumed work on the record from his home in Chino Hills.

Ardour is out October 19 on Brainfeeder.

Teebs, “Why Like This”