Teenage Burritos, “Danya” / “Kamikaze”

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Our San Diego buddies, Teenage Burritos dropped their “Danya”, b/w “Kamikaze” that features backing vocals and synth additions from Andreas Lagerström from Holograms. The single is also available as part of Volar Records' Strange Mutations Vol. 2 7″ box set also ft. Cosmonauts, Lenz and Fine Steps, and listen as the Burritos' bassist and vocalist Kirsten Gundel, guitarist Brian Carver, drummer Lucy Wehrly (of Christmas Island) and Plateaus' Kevin Gist complain to the central title character of “Danya”. Here rehashed memories of bomb threat Thursdays to crushes of the current sort between the the jangle full of conundrums and charming quirk like, “I met your Japanese girl, she don't like me, I'll do things for you she'd never dream, call you on your bluetooth constantly, I'll do the work so you can stay hands free.” This is the DIY future that indie pioneer Dan Treacy envisioned, many moons ago.

For Teenage Burritos' b-side, “Kamikaze” the back story goes like this: An unfortunate incident involving a jammed cassette in their 8-track elicited symptoms like a rogue tape (eating) recording deck where the diminished tape can be heard through the playback. Detrimental to the tape or not and against better judgement, the gang left the cassette put and got Captured Tracks' Swedish secret weapon, Holograms' Andreas Lagerström to lend a helping hand to the situation. The result is Andreas's contributions of synth and vocal back up reinforcement. Flanging between the post-millennial and harkening back to the post-punk; these two eras combined present the feeling that anything can happen even if everything is just a crash and burn crap shoot. All this said, we encourage you to marinate on this song's burning, inner and outer beauty.

Teenage Burritos' single “Danya” b/w “Kamikaze” (ft. Andreas of Captured Tracks act Holograms), is available now from Volar Records with a self-titled cassette available from Burger Records. Also available as part of Volar Records' Strange Mutations Vol. 2 7″ box set that also includes Cosmonauts, Lenz and Fine Steps; keep an ear out for Teenage Burritos upcoming LP in the works for later this release this Fall to be released from Burger and Volar Records respectively.