German Army, “Discrete Elements”

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German Army

After a slew of releases on many notable experimental labels (such as Night-People and Chrondritic Sound), California’s German Army are set to release a full Length LP, Endless Phonics, on Monofonus Press, available August 6. Little is known about the project to those that do not know the duo personally; while German Army have had over seventeen releases under their belts, they do not play live often and do not reveal their full names or release photos revealing their identity.

Citing Nocturnal Emissions, Nurse With Wound and Novy Svet as influences, German Army create churning industrial rhythms that side on the ethereal rather than the harsh. Isolating a track from Endless Phonics does not really do the release justice; you must surrender yourself to its mesmerizing trance. And yet, I present to you, “Discrete Elements”: driving drum machines, lovely synthesized harmony and heavily effected vocals. Fans of Tropic of Cancer and early In Aeternam Vale should take note.

Endless Phonics is out August 6 on Monofonus Press.