Uncommon Nasa, “Background Check”

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Uncommon Nasa

To the underground loyal, the name Nasa echoes from the Definitive Jux era into his post-Jux entrepreneurial ventures with his imprint Uncommon Records. Since those days, Nasa has collaborated with Willie Green under the moniker Adam Warlock and pounded the pavement for his label to keep progressive hip hop vibrant. Now going by Uncommon Nasa, he's got a new record entitled Land of the Way It Is.

While Uncommon Nasa's record offers plenty of variety in posse cuts, instrumental interludes with comedy album samples, and standard prog-rap jams, “Background Check” settles the front end with a near-spoken word meditation on Nasa's autobiography. From growing up in the suburbs to his first trip to New Orleans in 2003, Nasa details the varying degrees of racial profiling that shaped his ultimate realization that we must defy the assumption television will teach us about American culture. “Background Check” is Nasa's counter-point to the album title; his opposition to a land of the Way It Is

Uncommon Nasa's Land of The Way It Is is out August 6 on Uncommon Records.</p>