TENTS, "Back Yards"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

The Portland, OR based quartet TENTS has created amazing new music in their latest single “Back Yards”.
After taking a hiatus from recording and making new music to start a family and work in their music production business, couple Amy and Brian Hall decided to form a band that included friend Chris Hall (no relation) and Josh Brine.  It is from this incarnation that “Back Yards” was born.
TENTS has written a lush pop song with subtle harmonies that paints a pictures of home with lyrics set in the past and present.  The lyrics set in the past have a regretful tone (“I remember when my body was a racehorse…”).  The lyrics set in the present have a more hopeful vibe (“Momma’s in the back yard singing so sweet…”) and give a nod to the more simple things that make us happier as we experience life.

This will be a definite add to your playlist and you will want to own more music from TENTS. Keep up with them here.