Tess, Tess

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

At just 22 years old, Tess, an up and coming French electronic/RnB singer, has the vocal maturity of any seasoned professional. If you’re curious already, then you’re in luck. Tess’s self-titled debut EP released today. 
The EP features “Endlessly,” a single released last year featuring American R&B artist A.CHAL. The song has a pop vibe, but with her mysterious and echo-y vocals, Tess manages to stray from the repetitive beats and familiar stylings of today’s pop landscape.
“Love Gun,” featured on the EP as well as the live video that also released today, has got a bit of a faster tempo than “Endlessly,” proving Tess’s flexibility as an artist. The song, while still leaning toward the pop and R&B genre, lends itself to some alternative stylings as well. In both songs, it’s clear Tess has a clear and strong control over each piece. There’s a hint of anguish in each song, a sense of defensiveness in the latter, but it’s the unconstrained hope nestled in between that make them something beyond merely angsting about the trials and tribulations of life. It’s the contradictions that make Tess seem wholly relatable in her songs, because life is full of contradictions.

Tess is available now.