Katey Stoetzel

Katey Stoetzel is a writer and film and television critic. She maintains Mad Max: Fury Road is the best movie of the past decade, and definitely deserved Best Picture at the Oscars. Follow her on Twitter, where her Twitter bio says she live tweets her progress of “The X-Files,” but that hasn’t actually happened in a really long time. Follow her anyway. It’ll be a laugh, probably.

Katey Stoetzel's Posts

Creature Illicit Talks Enjoy the Night, The Importance of a Band Name

“Being different is a big part of what we do.”

STAC, “Me and You”

With a layer of sweet confidence.

TenFiveSixty Prep for the Release of E.P. By Sharing “You Say” and Talking the Future

“We took the idea of limitations further by un-earthing an old drum machine I had when I was fifteen.”

Vacances Talks “Human”, Writing Process, and Upcoming Music

“I think giving people the ability to all relate to something can prove to be very powerful through music.”

PATHS Share “Right Beside You” and “Last One Standing”

Commanding vocal presence.

Ivy Mode, “Body Next to You”

Bold, sensual lyrics.

N-A-I-V-E-S, N-A-I-V-E-S

PATHS, “Neoprene”


Tess, Tess

Unconstrained hope.

N-A-I-V-E-S, “Crystal Clear”

Is it too early to already have a favorite single for the year?

Naeya, “Enough”

Full of life and emotion.

Keroscene, “Like The First Time”

Dark and moody.

XMeKate, “Cigarettes”

Emotional truth.

Fröst, “Crackling On The Wire”

A perfect match to the song.

Amaroun, “If This Is”

Gentle but powerful.

Marie Dahlstrøm, “Mine”

Brightly lit and well choreographed.

We Cut Corners, The Cadences of Others

Rich with a gentle and hypnotic rhythm.

Keroscene, “I Can’t Do a Thing”

Feels like a summer tune.

Animal Flag, “Jealous Lover”

“[It] tackles a bunch of shit.”


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