Fröst, “Crackling On The Wire”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

It’s Thursday, so why not break out the new and true in the psychedelic music world. We can call it Psychedelic Thursday, perhaps.

Fröst, a collaboration between Franco-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli and producer Steve Lewis, have released the music video for their debut single “Crackling on the Wire” from Lost Room Records. Inspired by the German poem “The Erlking,” the song is partly in French and partly in English. It’s eerie, haunting. Think Guillermo del toro’s “Crimson Peak,” maybe.
The video is a perfect match to the song. While the song already had a ghostly vibe to it, the video distorts images and mixes colors together to reinforce the psychedelic aspects of the song. There’s an element of cold to the whole spectacle, like it’s trying to tell you to keep your distance, but Bramli’s vocals contain a blissfulness that you can’t turn away from.