Keroscene, “Like The First Time”

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Keroscene, the four member band of David Troster, Edd Wilding, Francesco Bondi, and Jake Sorbie out of London, is back with a new single, “Like the First Time.” Unlike their last one, “I Can’t Do A Thing,” which had more of a summer feeling to it, “Like the First Time” is darker and moodier. That kind of vibe is perfect what Keroscene sings about — being alone. Check out what they have to say.

“With all our modern distractions and the need to be constantly connected, people have grown uncomfortable with being by themselves, alone in silence. We may all belong to our society and feel the need to connect with others but ultimately, you will leave just as you came in; by yourself.”

It’s a harsh reality, and Keroscene unapologetically gets the message across. Listen to “Like the First Time” below, and look out for more Keroscene singles early 2017.