Trashclub, “Rock n Roll Daydream”

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Self-aware . . . or self-deprecating? “Rock n Roll Daydream” does not think either of those are mutually exclusive. Trashclub has a cynically, fitting name to match their style. It is no surprise, then, the duo met up in Los Angeles. Even less surprising is that they met by chance, and their first collaboration was “loud, with drums, guitars, and beer.”


Making their separate ways to Los Angeles, Evan Andree (whose music was featured on Bad Girls Club 16 and Pregnant . . .) and Travis Bunn (who also plays in indie-pop band Dead Times) hit it off from the start. Early influences for the two were fairly out-there, Bunn taking in DIY punk in highschool, and Andree eventually branching into punk and hip-hop. All of it culminates in the jungle juice of young, reckless, freedom fighting dialogue within “Rock n Roll Daydream”.


“Rock n Roll Daydream” is a smart, cynical, “give-no-fucks” anthem. On the surface, it may only seem “give-no-fucks” in a bad way. Taking a bit to get used to the vocals, what is not in doubt is the certainty and pace of your standard guitar and drum feelings. At 2/3rds through the song is a brief intermission, where the stride is hit for Trashclub. Zeroing in on a delicate balance of noise and storytelling, we can feel the dark, seedier corners of Los Angeles sewn into this fabric.

I’d give it a mid-field 3/5.


Trashclub is all over the internet, calling home Facebook and Twitter. We were also able to find their stuff on Spotify and iTunes. The duo also has an EP coming out, Black Out, on March 10th, 2017.