Joanne Pollock, “River Flood”

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river flood

“River Flood” might just very well be the most fitting title for a song I’ve ever heard. The synth pop/electronic song is the new single from Joanne Pollock, and its echoey beats flow effortlessly like that of an actual river — smooth and relentless.

Though Pollock’s last EP–Optimist–was released last July, we’ve got her brand new single for your to stream right here. Pollock’s breezy vocals are captivating and moving, bouncing along with the poppy vibes of and smoothing out during the more mellows beats of the electronic sound. The song starts and ends the same, with a quiet, almost unassuming presence that still somehow demands to be heard, while the middle is more upbeat.  

Lyrically, “River Flood” rings with some unforgettable lines that I love. At one point, Pollock sings “living a distant life, in a wooden house.”

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