Jo Passed, “Virtue”

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Vancouver, BC based Joseph Hirabayashi’s latest project, Jo Passed, is finally letting their new release, the UP EP, loose into the world.  And that’s exactly what it will do – run wild in the ears of those who are willing to listen.  Listen to “Virtue” below.

Compared to their last music release, the Out EP, “Virtue” feels more focused, yet somehow more aloof. It builds upon the wandering electric guitars that were featured in Out, sounding more as a collective unit, while still acting as breezy as the warm summer air. The organic nature to Jo Passed’s music creation is very present; clearly Hiyabayashi understands that the creation and evolution of sound is a natural and flexible process that cannot be forced. “Virtue” is a testament to his desire to be true to himself, and to what the music is telling him.

If the rest of the EP is anything like “Virtue,” I think we’ll have a very thoughtful and intuitive set of music from Hirabayashi.

The album release show is in Vancouver on July 2 at the Astoria Hastings. The UP EP is out July 1st.