TOPANGA, "American Promises"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As we take a closer look at our ideals and the overarching idea of the “American Dream”, TOPANGA releases the Inauguration-relevant single “American Promises”. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the track as we get even more excited for their EP, which drops next month.
TOPANGA has somehow found a way to take the uncertainty and fear the majority of us are feeling on a regular basis – a heightened sense of such this week – and transform it into an upbeat, sticky sweet track. As they bounce between guilt-fueled statements (“Older sister, golden sister promise you will make me proud”) and lines that indicate a certain martyrdom in the every day (“And the dreamin’ we keep underground … Laid me down on your neon cross”), you’re overcome with the feeling that you’re not alone in your individual pursuits.
Raise that collective consciousness, TOPANGA.

Midnight Jungle is out February 10th. Keep up with them here.