The Big Bend, Celebrate

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Led by Chet Vincent, the five piece rock band known as The Big Bend is about to release a new record. This one will be their 4th release, and it’s called Celebrate. The Big Bend has been earning themselves quite the reputation in Pittsburgh, where they’re based out of, and their hard work has definitely paid off.

This record seems more fun and less dark than the last one, and when asked about the album, Chet said, “after putting it together we discovered some themes running though it — primarily the notion that happiness is tied to self-acceptance. That we can strive to make ourselves better, but at a fundamental level we can’t change who we are. And although this “love yourself for who you are” idea is often expressed on cheesy inspirational memes, it’s actually quite profound: we all have insecurities, we are all getting older, not everyone finds love, not everyone is successful. “Celebrate” is about us coming to terms with that aspect of life and learning to love it.”

Celebrate doesn’t get released until July 22nd, but we have the exclusive stream for you to listen to right now.

Preorder is available now.