The Boy Illinois and Ben One are "#1"

Post Author: Andre G

So…we’re now officially in the twilight zone. But we’re still here. Take the first moments of this new era to embrace some semblance of normalcy—like a well put together, feel-good record. Check out The Boy Illinois’ latest, “#1,” for instance. The Chicago MC has been on a song-a-month pace since the second half of 2016, and for his January banger, he brought along singer Ben One.
Ben delivers velvety vocals on the song’s chorus, and Boy Illinois matches him with verses that sound like he was two-stepping in the booth. He sounds as invigorated as ever, starting his first verse off by letting us know he’s been doing this “since ’02.” Playful couplets are unfettered all over the springy drums and sizzling hi-hats, with drops of inspiration in each. His “if the top is where you tryna’ go to, it’s that kind of day,” line is exactly the kind of get-up-and-go you need for today—and every day for the next four years.
You can stream “#1” below.