The Craters, “In it for You”/”Classic Hours” single

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Boston's The Craters have a really nice little classic single set up available for free on their Bandcamp. “In it for You” is the A track, and it launches with a beat straight out of a '90s elementary school educational rap. Quickly, the tone changes into a sweet duet between two lovers tug-of-warring over vocal dominance, tryng to figure out their priorities over a slippery, airy synthetic jam.

“Classic Hours” is a slower song that emphasizes the bass over some squelchy keyboard with a soaring vocal. It's a crystal clear little track that runs into a shimmering synth jam called “Velcro-Rippling”, a bright and happy zone-out song with back-and-forth echoes that almost evoke early 2000s free-experimentalism of the shhhanimalcollectivessshhh type but without the evil mushroom vibes. Also available on the single are instrumental tracks of the first two songs. The whole caboodle is a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp download. and if you shoot the band some cash they will use it to keep working on the full-length these songs are set to be a part of.

The Craters, “Classic Hours”