The Cut Losses, “It’s All Inside My Head”

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Psychedelic electronic music project The Cut Losses has been garnering a lot of attention in the industry. Originally just a solo project for Vancouver’s Patrick McWilliams, he has turned to a lot of talented musicians for collaboration and live performance sets. He’s got the music festival circuit down, and is ready to release another EP, titled Lightning Dolphin. We’ve got the latest single, a tune called “It’s All Inside My Head”.

Man, do we relate to the sentiment of the title of the track. And then come McWilliams’ ethereal vocals, with reverb bouncing off of the instrumentals making his voice sound like its own synth based instrument. When the saxophone and percussion hits, it adds a layer of that Motown sound The Cut Losses is known for, in between the pop sounds and quick beat reminiscent of 80’s classics. McWilliams continues to fascinate with his repetitive, sincere vocals.

Because perhaps it is all inside our heads?