The Debauchees, “Rancid Dancin'”

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The Debauchees

Hailing from the ever-fertile and curious musical landscape of Louisville, Kentucky comes the young trio known as The Debauchees. For such a hellish band name, they’re a remarkably restrained group, all under the age of 21, with a taut control over their instruments, in the barbed and bright style of the post-punk revival.

On “Rancid Dancin’,” the second taste of their upcoming SonaBLAST! debut LP, we get a Krupa-infused two-step, courtesy of drummer Cameron Lowe, as vocalist/guitarist Sydney Chadwick tries to shake herself out of ambivalence. “I’d rather not go out dancing,” she sings, “there’s too many people dancing in the streets,” offering the second part of the line as a kind of self-evident explanation. It’s an addictive song for the introvert seeking to shake it with other introverts. And with the fluid bass lines of Ashley Bowen dragging you across the dance floor, it’s impossible to not at least bob your head.

The Debauchees self-titled LP is out November 12.