Split Feet, “It Broke Once”

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split feet

If you stripped “It Broke Once” of both its ferocious, direct lyrics and its accompanying witchy imagery, you'd still have your heart beating fast and sweat dripping off your forehead. Chicago punk fourpiece Split Feet released a three-song demo yesterday entitled simply Fall 2013 Demo, and with its expertly mixed bass thump and Brownstein-inflected vocals, there seems no need to call it a demo. Combining thoughtful and astute lyrical content with scuzzy, potent guitar lines that only move as fast and fluidly as its tight rhythm section allows, Split Feet appear to be on the path to something much bigger and greater. Get in on the proverbial ground floor, and stream “It Broke Once” below, where you'll surely find catharsis in yelling “I will rip your head clean off!”

You can get to the remainder of the Split Feet demo at this link.