The Delta Mirror, “Goldfish”

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Gaze darkly into the fishbowl with The Delta Mirror's new track “Goldfish” that swims in the melodic reverb muck. The forthcoming new album Better Unsung coming next month from Lightwave Records evolves forward from the previous full-length Machines that Listen where frontman Craig Gordon, oka Chris Acosta, reworks the machines in complicated analogue pop abstracts to frame personal narratives.

On “Goldfish”, Gordon brings a fishscale weight of distortion to the bloodletting of laying out all the dysfunction on the table. “I'll ignore the fact I want you to stay, a matter of fact, I'll throw you away”. The verses buttress a chorus in industrial goth shades of night, until Craig commands this rave dance rock sense of command that comes in the darkest colors and backward audio reels.

The Delta Mirror's Better Unsung album comes out August 6 from Lightwave Records.