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Stephanie Glass

The Funs

Recently seeing the Chicago's fuzz rock duo The Funs live reaffirmed two concepts: A) you should always go to that Monday show and B) when feedback is done correctly it can be a glorious thing. The Funs' combination of deliberate, unbreakable drumming combined with melodious but sinister guitar work creates a sound that will surely have the masses citing early Sonic Youth. Except The Funs' new s/t tape off of Manic Static provides a greater and more urgently engrossing tension than any Sonic Youth record I can recall.

Songs like track three, “Reality”, encompass the distinctively captive vibe of this band. The sliding build of a guitar strum appears only comparable to what perhaps a knife slowly edging up one's abdomen would feel like, but in the best possible way. The subtle but intense riff creeps into the listener's ears and occupies the mind in the unsettling way only truly absorbing music can. The one, two support of the drums and dark pop laced “oohs” create a rapid spin into a frenzied wall of sound that carries the song to the controlled edge and back.

The next song, “Vague Too”, has a simple start of a haunting repeating guitar riff and offers a more subdued drum entrance than previously heard tracks. This showcases the patience The Funs have in allowing their songs proper build up, which is impressive to note considering they all fall under the four minute mark. The ten songs offered on their new album prove to be a heavy, but sonically arresting listen that confirms a undeniably innovative sound is emerging from the basements and back bars of this “second city.”

The Funs play next at Township on July 30th. Their s/t tape comes out August 1st and is available on their bandcamp.

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