The God Fahim – ‘Lost Kingz’

Jeff Cubbison

Rising Atlanta rapper conjures the psychedelic spirit of the ’90s on new LP

The God Fahim is an Atlanta rapper who has been on a steady rise for the last few years, conjuring the dazed, ghostly spirit of ’90s New York hip-hop. He also has an absolutely gargantuan discography that includes nearly 70 mixtapes to date(!!!), making him one of the most prolific artists of our generation. Now he’s continuing that fiery hot streak with a new LP, the hypnotizing and spacey Lost Kingz.

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Though Fahim recalls a lot of nostalgic sounds, he does it in a forward-thinking way that manages to still push boundaries in rap. On this project, you can hear classic piano-based beats mixed against slithery, elastic synths that make the songs sound ominous and psychedelic. Fahim’s own chippery delivery floats effortlessly over these sounds, covering a wide range of time signatures with unflinching ease. Opening track “Iron Fist” has a hazy atmospheric ring to it as lo-fi keyboards provide the tapestry for Fahim’s thesis statement-like verses. The Mach-Hommy-featuring “Play Ground Legend” is a mesmerizing force full of pensive, witty lyrics, slinking beats and haunting vocal samples. Soaring album closer “Cash Rules” packs stabbing piano notes and percussion as Fahim lays down the laws for coming up in the rap world: “There’s rules to the game with the money and the fame/ There’s rules to the game you can’t change…”

Lost Kings is out now via Nature Sounds. You can purchase the album HERE and give it a spin below.

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