The Hollow Ends, “Close to Flames”

Hailing from St. Louis, songwriter Zachary Schwartz blends elements of folk and punk as The Hollow Ends. Twisting the more beautiful, textured aesthetics of the former and the grittier bits of the latter genre, the music allows for Schwartz’s striking voice to explore inward and society at large.

Recently, The Hollow Ends announced a new LP, Bears In Mind with Impose premiering its latest single, “Close to Flames,” today. The stirring new track finds Schwartz winding through intricate acoustic guitar lines as impassioned stomps add to the all natural musical flavor.

Schwartz shares:

“There is an uneasiness that has been in my chest for well over a year. It waxes and wanes, but never really leaves for any significant period of time. I don’t think I’m alone with this, and actually, my guess is it’s probably pretty fucking common right about now. I also think most of us are familiar enough with human history, or at least with our own instincts, to know what happens if enough people feel that sense of mortal disquiet building up at the right place and time.

‘Close to Flames’ is a song about fearful mob mentality at dusk, and how quickly a pack of upright mammals can dispense with the veil of civility, almost like we’re made for it.”

Stream The Hollow Ends’ “Close to Flames” below and look for it on Spotify here.


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