The Holydrug Couple, “Baby, I’m Going Away”

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The Holydrug Couple

Santiago dreamers The Holydrug Couple communicate through long lost sounds of soul, particularly on “Baby, I’m Going Away”, off their upcoming Moonlust LP. The track is the follow-up single to “Dreamy“, released last month, and it reveals an even more complex communication with the record’s primary influencers of the ’60s and ’70s, dancing between elder falsetto croons, reverb-drenched guitar, and electric-sounding drums. It moves slowly, taking its time up and down an astronomical soundscape, trippy in tone yet cohesive in its melody and vocal harmonies.

A concise drums set the steady pace of the tune, immediately allowing passage of clean guitars and soulful bass. The unchanging rhythm and the cool instrumentals tread lightly upon it, laying an unearthly path for the soft, lightly-effected vocal coos of singer Ives Sepúlveda, which flutter smoothly around higher pitches, and haunt in quivering hushes. The voice occasionally dips down in full tonal beauty among subtle flourishes of crescendos and convergences, leaving its brief ghostly echo as a trail of breadcrumbs through the sonic hedge maze. The end result sounds more like it’s from a soul group than an established psych band, but their experimental tendencies reveal themselves throughout, creating a unique dichotomy in time.

Moonlust will be released May 12 on Sacred Bones. You can stream “Baby, I’m Going Away” below, and scroll on for The Holydrug Couple tour dates.

The Holydrug Couple tour Dates:

09 Memphis, TN
10 Columbia, MO
12 Detroit, MI
13 Chicago, IL
14 Minneapolis, MN
16 Milwaukee, WI
19 Seattle, WA
20 Portland, OR
22 San Francisco, CA
24 San Diego, CA
25 Tempe, AZ
26 El Paso, TX
27 Houston, TX
29 Tallahassee, FL
30 Miami, FL
31 Jacksonville, FL

01 Asheville, NC
02 Nashville, TN
03 Atlanta, GA
04 Durham, NC
05 Richmond, VA
07 Philadelphia, PA
09 Allston, MA
12 Brooklyn, NY