Advaeta, “Church Cult”

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Advaeta Death and the Internet

The perpetuation of the shoegaze revival and its semblances through 2015 only attests to audiences’ increasingly broadened acumen for art, and the continuing dissociation of a norm within it. Advaeta, in their newest single, “Church Cult”, of their forthcoming LP, Death and The Internet, infuse swirling melodic sensibilities into a cloud of blaring tones, creating a trembling idea of beauty, like the agitated brushstrokes of an impressionist painter. The track starts with mandolin-like strumming, onset by a single wavering, watery guitar. The sound alternates between reverbed distortion and all-out fuzz, covering you and hummming over everything, almost numbingly, like getting a full-body tattoo; the most enjoyable pain. That such gigantic sound is created by a trio, without the presence of an actual bass, only further baffles the mind. The instruments comes and go violently, with tender caresses of the vocals resuscitating you back to health with the infectious repetition of “You say you want… Love / it doesn’t give you love.”

Death and the Internet is out April 28 on Fire Talk. You can stream “Church Cult” below.