Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary’s The Female Form

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Deeply personal thematic elements and provocative, perhaps disturbingly suggestive emotions are at work in the newest installation of the collaborative efforts of Copenhagen experimental power hitters Loke Rahbek (of reputable projects Croatian Amor, Damien Dubrovnik and Lust for Youth) and dynamic artist Puce Mary. The Female Form, out April 17 on Posh Isolation, is the second record, of what will be a trilogy, following 2011’s The Closed Room. The release touches upon ideas of human sexuality and intimacy in ways apparently continuous from the title of its predecessor, being accessible only in concept, otherwise completely disquieting and alienating.

The duo have released two tracks from the LP. “A Body Reimagined” is coldly desolate, incorporating industrial bulldozing hums and buzzing, under the muffled monotone monologue of a faceless man. A sonic hollowness runs through the whole thing, like an abandoned warehouse, with dim, struggling lighting, and the hollow crash of pipes dropping in the distance. The second track, “Liquefying of the Flesh” is perhaps even more irksome, with eerie droning electronic highs, and stabbing female grunts, indiscernible between coughing, crying and overtly cold sexual sounds, trading one out for the other like onomatopoeic synonyms. The two tracks prelude what will undoubtedly be a moving listen front to back, and further cement these two musicians as forward-thinkers in their fields.