The Most Average Releases of May 2012

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Hey guys! Did any of you happen to notice that Tenacious D put out a new record? Dave Grohl played the drums. Isn't that great? I'm sure that the joke they had about how they are just like “TOTALLY AWESOME” didn't fall flat for the 25th time, and that the one song about how they rock harder than all the demons in Hades was actually so hard rocking that it was UNBELIEVABLE. What a crazy idea! Those guys are so wild. Any of us could never hope to be as crazy as that in our actual, boring, dead-end lives. Man, what a waste we all are. We're never going to be as cool as Tenacious D.

Just kidding. A rat eating a rotten chicken wing bone is cooler than Tenacious D. Why do they have so much money?

The most average releases of May 2012…

Health Max Payne 3 OST [Rockstar Games]
Zombies Taking Over America [The Bodypart Consumption Has Got to End]
OFF! OFF! [Vice Records]
Sweden Eurovision Domination [Where's Azerbaijan At?]
Father John Misty Fear Fun [Sub Pop]
Thomas Morton “Reviewing” Grass Widow with a Rape Joke [Vice Magazine]
Sanitgold, Master of My Make-Believe [Atlantic]
America's May Day Strike Shamed By Montreal's Epic Protests [Canada Wins This One]
Best Coast The Only Place [Mexican Summer]
The Milky Way Galaxy Colliding with Andromeda Galaxy Universal Meh [We're All Gonna Die]
Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns [Wichita]
Hey I Just Met You And This is Crazy [But Here's My Number, Call Me Maybe]
Gossip A Joyful Noise [Columbia Records]
Action Bronson Being A Fat Asshole Just to Get Attention [Tired Act, Bro]
Meek Mill Dreamchasers 2 [Maybach Music Group]
Acting like you are going to a rave when you are just going to a party in a club [Raves ended in 1995]
Kindness World You Need a Change of Mind [Terrible Records]